Monday, November 01, 2010

Craft Weekend

Turns out whenever I go to write a post about a craft retreat I always go to use the word indulgence. Full weekend of sewing, good friends, great food, a bit of booze and an inspiring ocean view. What's not indulgent about that?

We headed to our usual spot, only this time coming from the nation's fair capital I had to go over the mountains. On a goat-track type tourist road. In the dark. With foxes and trees that hang down over the road. At least it gave me a good story to tell when I finally arrived with clenched teeth and white knuckles.

I went with my usual basket full of priority projects, back up projects and I-should-have-a-million-spare-hours-to-finish-this projects. I surprised myself and finished 2 baby dresses, a pink tutu for the Smurf, Jammies for the Smurf and a semi lined summer dress for me (I may have stayed up until 2am on Saturday night to finish all that). Oh and a bit of knitting. Yippee.

The Smurf was totally taken with his new stuff. Put it on straight away.

And then did some gardening in it.

I'll do a separate post re the dress - need to take photos.

Thanks Bel, Cass, Jade, Sheridan and Soph, for another fab weekend.

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