Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Um Merry Christmas, Happy New Year etc

Whoops, nearly two months? You really should follow me on twitter, I'm much more chatty over there lately.

With a two month break I'm a bit full of bloggers block, so I'll sum up the fabulous Christmas break with some of my favourite photos.

Special Santa shorts made with My Paper Crane fabric - which I LOVE.

Beer and chips for Santa. Water and ahhh mushrooms for Rudolf (Nanna had no carrots in her fridge!)

Jars of homemade chutney and jam for important people.

Lots of Christmas baking -gingerbread biscuits for The Smurf's kindy friends.

He carried his little red basket around the playground handing out biscuits like the pied piper, the trail of kids running behind him growing ever longer!

Bakewell Tarts (recipe courtesy of Ellen's family), also joined by Mince Pies, Salted Caramel Fudge, Belgian Chocolate Fudge, Mango Marshmallows, Christmas Cake and

two, gingerbread houses!

Summer holiday fun!

Kid wrangling, the easy way.

And a lovely dinner with a fabulous view.

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