Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Tree Bunting

It's creeping up on us and I know from looking at the stats that there's quite a few people out there ramping things up in readiness for Christmas. The Christmas Tree Bunting post is the most popular post on this little blog and every year around this time it starts getting a good work out. 

I'm chuffed, I quite like Christmas and I made the bunting on a whim a few years ago when I was starting to add new traditions, decorations and treats to our little family celebrations. It was also the year of our first  advent calendar, which is now a much anticipated annual tradition. 

This year I plan to:

- Make some new bunting
- Making gingerbread houses, again. Love this new tradition
- Making 2 new advent calendars for the nephews
- Finishing most of my Christmas shopping early. Although I will still visit the shops just before Christmas as I usually forget someone or decide I need something extra. Sadistic as it sounds, I like the thrill of a visit to the shops in the last week before Christmas. 
- Lots of baked treats - pudding, cake, gingerbread biscuits, mince pies, neenish tarts, jam, fudge and some new additions yet to be decided
- Making some gifts - softies and other things to play with

Let's see how I go with that list, huh. Got anything I should add to it?

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