Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Little Red Dress

I don't get much sewing time at the moment, mere snippets here and there. I'm combating that by tracing and cutting heaps of patterns in advance, pairing them up with fabric and loading up a basket with it all. That way when I have a rare snippet of time to sew I am ready to go. I figure it's more satisfying that way.

Of course I got a bit over excited with my tracing and cutting plans and it has taken forever to trace and cut everything and get it to the basket. It took all my self control not to just start sewing. In the end I cut my tracing list short and just got cracking.

Starting with this sweet little red dress. Not sure who it will be for yet, but there is a new list of little girls needing christmas presents and this will fit the bill for one of them.

The pattern is the Little Deer Pinafore from Ottobre 2008/1. I was intending to just test the pattern with this red spot before using the "nice" fabric but I really like it. And look! It has piping. And perfect buttons; thank you enormous button stash.

Oh and here's one of my photography assistants/trip hazards: 


Cass said...

Cute dress. I used to do exactly the same thing when Lucy was a baby, cut out heaps and then sew when you have a chance, it feels much more satisfying

sooz said...

What a fantastic sewing effort. Piping! Red! Spots! Someone will be a very happy recipient I am sure. Good luck on snatching yourself some sewing time :-)