Friday, January 04, 2013

Breathing Out

Beach House. How's the serenity?

Since I was last here, we have moved house (into a smaller house with much less inside storage), finished childcare, celebrated Christmas and New Year and all the daily stuff in between. There's been no time for blogging; it's been a whacky, crazy-busy couple of months. 

Returning home after a couple of weeks away with family for the Christmas/New Year period has been sweet relief. Sweet relief because I finally feel as though I have some head space to rest, relax and breath out. 

Sweet relief because ten out of the eleven beach-house guests were knocked down with a violent bout of gastro and it's all over now. We may or may not (ahem) also have spread it to my in-laws who have also all gone down with it. Dirty potent little bug. 

Sweet relief because I now get to finish the postponed unpacking and work out where the hell those last few boxes will be unpacked to. Goodness knows there's no room in the non-existent pantry, non-existent linen cupboard or non-existent wardrobes. 

Within that diseased beach-house there was plenty of summer-time fun, oh and some bluebottle stings to boot. I'm sharing some of my highlights so that some day I can look back here and remember that we really did do more than vomit, run to the toilet and get stung by bluebottles this holiday...
Pa's Backyard Golf School

The boys faired better this year

Never travel on summer holidays without one of those cheapie slip n slides 

Cheeky Chops...
... is now on the move, cuddles a dolly (nature NOT nurture) and gives (very sloppy) kisses

and very cute nephew tried to learn to clap
When it was too hot to be in the sun there was always "skateboarding"
How the babies roll...


Just why are garbage trucks so exciting?

New Years Eve fun with fire

Glow stick dancing is way more fun than watching fireworks on the telly

Our very own, rather old Hairy McLarey


Cass said...

Looks like some of the holiday was fun

Michelle said...

Well except for the vomiting it looks like a blast!