Thursday, September 01, 2005


I just got back from my daily coffee ritual which involves me walking past an op shop crammed to the ceiling with goodies. I wander in there every now and then but since I am on a self imposed buying freeze I never actually buy anything. Not today! I walked straight in and found this 50's tablecloth with matching napkins

The table cloth is a bit manky, but the napkins (in front of the photo) look barely used. I think I will use the napkins in my planned patchwork bags (ADD remember - it's still keeping me from actually progressing anywhere with this bag plan!).

I also found these cool old knitting patterns

I actually went into the shop looking for a basket to hold my inprogress knitting/craft that currently lives wherever-it-falls in the loungeroom. When I mentioned I knitted the very friendly (but possibley slightly crazy) lady kindly pointed me in the direction of her huge pile of knitting patterns she had brought in from home just this morning! I love old knitting patterns - so lucky me!

The toy one is's a special 1966 offering from the Australian Women's Weekly. I think I'll have a go at making the outfits "for a teen doll family"!!! Disco love - check out the jumpsuit on the teen lady on the left!!

Tomorrow the friendly op shop lady is bringing in some fabric...

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