Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Association of Attention Deficient Crafters

I am the President, well self appointed President, of the Association of Attention Deficient Crafters*.

I've decided it's time to out myself and show my worth as AADC president incumbent. I therefore hereby present my most embarrassing work in progress and strongest evidence of my attention deficient crafting:

My nephew's 10 page felt counting book, planned as a gift for his christening, first birthday, Christmas, ahhhm hopefully 2nd bday in November this year. It all started with a bang on a fun craft weekend away more than a year ago with pages one


and three

before I was intimidated by page four and used knitting as a distraction.

Then suffered a complete AADC related stalling (and a lot of purchasing of materials for new projects - the best kind of AADC related distraction!) before page five

And finally a recent flurry of excitement for pages six

and seven

I'm all stalled again for page 8 this time using quilting, knitting AND sewing (with some occassional baking) for AttentionDeficient distraction. Page was going to be 8 coloured pencils but I'm intimidated by those tiny fiddly pencil points, don't spose you have any ideas for page 8 you could lend me in the interest of progress?

Of course once pages 8, 9 and 10 are done there's still the binding, finishing and hand sewing of the message on the back cover page, at the moment I am in danger of it reading (in hand stitched letters of course)

"Dear Nephew,

I hope your own children enjoy many fun hours
using this book to learn to count, I am very sorry you never
learned to count from a hand sewn felt book.

Love and guilt Aunty Sadieandlance xxx"

I think it's a bit long.

*Um of course this whole AADC thing is no a legit ailment, you won't find it in any medical journal - although who knows maybe you will in 20 years time when we develop a better understanding of this debilitating infliction? Actually the whole thing is made up - well a loose joke amongst good friends.


Belinda said...

oh, bianca. I love what you have done so far. The tree's on page 5 are my favourite!!

Shazmina Bendi said...

As you have outed yourself as President I will let all and sundry know that I am a founding member and Social Secretary for AADC. I feel this is the most important job, distracting all members from completing projects is my lifes work!! And in turn using my position and responsibilities to not complete any of my own projects!

Brown Pants said...

I've said it before and i'll say it again: I aboslutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this. You're brilliant! (He's probably not ready to count yet so that buys you some time in my book)!

Bel said...

I LOVE this post. You should see all my unfinished business... Can I join the AADC?

Are you in Sydney this weekend?

Brown Pants said...

Hey lady, I want more posts!

mariannealice said...

I thought about making one of these for my nephew's first birthday then I decided that I should finish the jumper I was making for his 2nd birthday,first. He is now a strapping nearly- seven year old and I have a back, front and a sleeve and an awful amount of wool still in their little slipcovers....where do I sign up?

twitchy fingers said...

This is just magical. I love it!

devinemom said...

well i must say i should join the AADC group because i am so scattered with projects.

looking forward to working with you and others on the Calendar project put on by Marianne.

Alison said...

Very sweet book!

tiel S-K said...

these are lovely. You check out this website for some other cool felt things for kids.