Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Instant Gratification

I've been working on some instant gratification projects, yippe. I stole this one from one of the new members of my work knitting fraternity.

Work knitter came to me with a collection of what looked like 100s of teddy bear knitting patterns in her delicious links asking for advice on the easiest one. She'd eyed of this one and I agreed so she started on it and I thought wow now that's some instant knitting gratification so hence the wool purchase on Friday night. Plus I had yarn envy cause the wool she was using looked so delicious to knit with that I simpley had to have some of my own. You understand right?

It only took maybe an hour and a half in total of distracted (it's just how I knit) knitting and it was finished. This one doesn't have a home yet (if you know a new or not so new pink baby you are welcome to it, I'll post it to you), but a blue brother is on it's way to join the Monkey Union.

The pattern is from here, some nice lady called Bev apparently. I used 3.25mm needles and 8ply Zara yarn for a tighter guage which is decidely less quaker-ish than the one pictured in the pattern (sorry no offence Bev).

In the interest of finding my next instant gratification project I bought 'Last Minute fabric gifts' from Amazon today for US$4.95 what a baragain. Cheap and full of instant gratification (I hope).

Got any other suggestions for instant gratification projects?


BrownPants said...

It's SO cute! Great job with all the finished projects!

Anna said...

I agree... this is a nice one to know if i get sick of knitting squares for my blanket (it also helps that I know several expecatnt mums!) I wonder what it would look like in moss stitch???

Elisabeth said...

You can't beat a beanie for and instant gratification project. I've been using the one in the first stitch n bitch book - the ribbed, stripey boy beanie. I've used it for babies and adults alike! Robert particularly likes his.