Monday, August 06, 2007

Overloading and overwhelmed

I'm overwhelmed for various reasons...only 66 days to go according to the weird/cute little baby widget that Shazmina put up on our other shared blog. You can go look but I'm avoiding going over there cause that little day by day counter thing freaks me out a bit.

The widget in my brain makes it 30.5 weeks.

The photo also features my new fetchings made by Brownpants (you know the one who can jump on my bed), which I rudely asked her to do. Rudely cause I ended up knitting that pink pair at almost the same time. I owe you BP. I love my fetchings though, I have them on while I'm typing this right now.

Oh and in reference to the toothpaste splashes on the mirror up there I'm not bothering to clean at the moment given we're gonna pay someone to do it for us in 2 weeks time when we move. Slackers huh! Lap it up I say. Hmm why'd I feel the need to explain that all to you?

Overwhelmed cause I have the most amazing family and friends who spoiled me and Unit 1 (that's what we've been calling the baby) rotten on the weekend at our baby shower.

But overloaded on the luggage front yesterday as I we Unit 1 got so many beautiful gifts that I just couldn't squeeze into the luggage. This is overwhleming cause I'm a regular pack horse when I travel and often cover the hand luggage rights for a whole row worth of passengers but on this occassion had to think of the potential of the pack horse's ability to bring on early labour. So you have to wait till the weekend or later to see the booty. Although I did just take a photo of me wearing the gift that was easily voted one of the best - a very sexy (pink!) maternity bra but all the photos were a bit boozie and I figured if you wanted to see my boobs you'd ask, right? Besides there's boobage available over here. Oh won't google have fun with that last paragraph.

Now lookie what I found. Knitting on skewers! This project did the equivalent of falling behind the lounge or something...

An almost sock complete with turned heel which I really should get cracking on.

PS Sadie (Grandma) is knitting her very own clapotis. With her very own hand spun thank you very much. How much does that rock? Now you know why she's my (craft) hero!

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