Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling the lerv

I know I know it's so very 2001 to use the word lerv but I can't help myself cause it surely was flowing freely in response to my last post about the Toy Society. Thanks for all the positive feedback I am floating about the place full to the brim with ideas and excitement for the project. I'll post answers to all the questions in the coming week...after the next drop. Yep this weekend. But I'll be posting most Toy Society info over on that blog including details on how you can get involved.

my pet ghost

Speaking of lerv there was also lots of lerv felt at a certain Newtown Thai restaurant last night too. Craft love that is. There was another meet up. It was great, lots of good conversation, excellent (and very cheap) food and crafty gifts. Woo Hoo. I unashamedly announced that the presents were the thing I missed most when I missed our last meet up. But um it's true. This is a talented group of girls and the quality of gifts is high.

This time I made a fabric scarf. (We Are Spiralling if you're still out there I owe you one from last year!!).

And my gift is from the lovely Jade of My Art is My Outlet. Beautiful fabric supplies and she says there's a crafted something or other to come too. Lucky me! I hope I remembered to say thanks last night Jade and that I didn't just drool or get all vague cause it was after 10pm?

Anyway if you're a crafty Mum in Sydney and want to join in the present fest meet up go visit Belinda and let her know you want in.

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