Saturday, October 11, 2008

Project # something

I whipped this up (using the Softies book) this week as a present for the horses birthday approach to birthday celebrations at mothers group ie one first bday [party and present] for all the kids. Despite my excitement about the unveiling, it went down a bit like a lead balloon amongst all the piles of plastic fantastic fisher price crap. Oh well, like I said.

Anyway enough about that. About the pattern. I picked it because it was quite simple and I had no time. I approached a couple of parts of the pattern slightly differently for the sake of simplicity; I didn't pre-cut the legs or the wings. Instead I sandwiched the uncut pieces and sewed around the cut out pattern piece and then trimmed. Same for the wings. Makes softie making quicker and easier. I tried with the face and body piece but discovered through trial and error that those pieces are best cut before sewing.

Anyway, I loved the finished little bee and the Smurf cracked the biggest smile when I did my market research.

Now, look at this bottle brush tree.

Makes me feel happy when I spy it through the kitchen window. Although it freaked me out when I took the photo of the softie bee above. I could hear this really loud buzzing sound. When I looked up it was swarming with hungry bees. I didn't stick around to see if the softie cut it with the real gang.

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