Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Generally I Don't Do Pink...

Eden's dress, originally uploaded by SadieandLance.

Yes, generally I don't do pink, and yet the pink part of my stash shines strong. It's always nice when a friend, who's appreciative of a handmade gift, brings a pink baby into my life.

This time cutting into the pink Hollabee (thanks to an infamous Retromummy clean out).

More tummy room was recommended from the last version, so I widened the side seams. Remember this was a pattern I garbled together myself in a moment of excitement.

Sadly the machine ate one of button holes, but I manually "rescued" it. You can't see it, so hopefully little Eden won't either.

When I "finished" I decided that it would be easier to bind the bottom hem than trust myself to fold and hem in a straight line.

I'm pretty glad I did.

Gee it was nice to be back at the machine. Now to cut one for little Clementine.

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