Friday, May 08, 2009


- I'm not anywhere near on track with this list, for example I will run out of shampoo, probably just in time for a work day next week .

- But I have on the other hand started redrafting (more belly room required) the dress pattern for Eden (sewing point 1)

- We are on the other hand soupless (point 1)

- I didn't yet manage to re-sew toys from the new pattern I'm writing (point 4), but I did find an old pattern I did about 5 years ago from a friends illustration - Spybear! Spybear! Eyepatch included. More on that soon maybe I hope.

- I did call the Shepherd Centre.

- And I even tested my new piklet recipe (not on the list).

- We went to the Museum of Contemporary Art to see the Yayoi Kusama Mirrored Years exhibition. Love. The Smurf cried when we had to leave the little mirrored light room (and when he couldn't touch stuff) ((non listed item))

- But I didn't vacuum - and I don't care.

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