Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hots and Nots

I'm playing
Loobylu's What's Hot and Not meme....


  • Using up fabric scraps sent by a blog friend to make a new medication pouch (photo above).
  • Friends for impromptu beers on a Sunday arvo.
  • Real Leb Lamb Kebabs. Yum! I thought I'd found the secret to recreating kebabs at home, but this seems to be a step closer again, and with added authenticity. I'm loving this blog and hoping to snag a ticket to one of his secret dinners...if he keeps doing them?
  • Swimming! The Smurf is LOVING swimming at the moment, especially lessons. He would, if allowed, swim around under water the entire time. And what's even hotter? He can swim (with a back bubble) without anyone holding on to him. Yep. Bursting with pride you ask? Why yes, I am!
  • Re-usable swimming nappies. Those little disposable buggers are bloody expensive. The re-usable one lasts until the Smurf grows out of it and costs about the same price as 2 packs of disposable swimming nappies. Although I have heard that you can hang the disposable ones on the line to dry and get 1 re-use out of them.

  • Little shits Naughty kids (apparently someone thinks I'm "anti family" for using the term little shits) at the shopping centre. One in particular - I'm generally OK with the vast majority of little shits naughty kids. This particular one, 3-ish years old, stood in front of me while I waited for my coffee, looked up at me, then looked down at my shoe and promptly stomped on it. WTF? I just kinda gasped in horror and looked around but no one else saw it happen. Weird!

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