Monday, April 10, 2006

Where have I been?!

I have been so busy with work (terrible excuse) that I have had no time to blog or catch up with my ever expanding bloglines! I have so much to write about though that I don't know where to start...although I promised to post Kristie's bag once I had given it to her:

I think she liked it, it had a matching skirt (like mine) and a little pouch.

Here's a quick summary of my past two weeks which will be supplemented later with some photos:
  • Sydney for work included a fun (for me) Manly ferry trip which saw us almost head out past the coast in order to safely navigate the enormous swell
  • A quick 2 day trip to Hong Kong (affectionately referred to as Honkers) - it took 2 days to travel there and back!
  • Knitting all the way from Sydney to Honkers
  • Being told I am not allowed to knit at all on the flight from Honkers to Melbourne (go figure - same airline there and back!)
  • Excellent bday celebrations
  • Shiney brand new Japanese Zakka (my very first) craft books and Denise Schmidt's Quilts
  • My very first Engagement party for a beautiful friend of mine...which turned out to be a wedding reception - they romantically snuck off to Queensland and got married in still yet to attend an actual engagement party!
  • A Farewell party for another good (inspirational and brave) friend of mine who is off walking solo across Spain.
  • Finishing off the back of the Fruit Tingles Cardigan thanks for the tips on how to make it a jumper - Betty I think I will try what you have suggested...Bel and Al I may yet email you though.
  • Received the best surprise package from Grandma - a box full of new Daisy Wheels! Lots of photos to come!
Oh and yesterday Focaccia (my very own in-house craft assistant and fearless guard cat) jumped off our balcony and down a whole storey into the car port. She hurt her paw, split her claws and ended up limping about in lots of pain. Thankfully now she is pumped full of painkillers and back to annoying me by scratching cardboard boxes while I blog.

Here's hoping I make it into BackTack - I have a busy day at work tomorrow so will have to make sure I remember to check the BackTack blog early!


nichola said...

I was wondering where you'd got to! The bag looks great and if it's still on offer i'd love some of the fabric.

Bianca said...

Hey Nichola nice to hear from you! I have been sneaking a look at the progress of the Nectar Lounge, congrats it looks so good, will come for a cocktail and a knit soon!

Kristie said...

What do you mean you 'think' I liked it!! I loved it!! It's even better in real life!

Cheeky Beaks said...

Welcome back! Lovely bag.
What do you mean you couldn't knit on the plane? Bizzare.

littlesnoring said...

Wow, what a busy life!

Too bad about the plane, it is so annoying with all that time to kill you don't have the pleasure of knitting.

Still, at least we have the comfort that next time we fly we are safe from terrorist knitters hell bent on poking the Captain in the eye with a knitting needle!

I wonder if crochet hooks do the same damage?

Kristie said...

I was actually going to say that I think they're a lot more relaxed about crochet hooks. When i've taken a 12mm plastic hook on flights they've been fine with it. I'm not sure whether it was because it was so large, or because it was plastic, or because it doesn't have a point on the end, but crochet on planes appears to be the way to go!

Bianca said...

Oh if only I could crochet!

On my last couple of domestic flights I have managed to take 12mm wooden needles as well as a collection of plastic one said anything when I went through security.

The HK flight Qantas guy (who was incidently very nice) said it was a precaution incase someone snatched them out of my hand. I think I would offer them my lunch fork instead or maybe my soda water can which theoretical terrorist could tear in half...both far more effective weapons.

When I flew to Athens in 04 I took a set of Japanese chopsticks and knitted with those instead! Only works for small projects though...