Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Buttons buttons oh yeah

Look what dropped into my life recently courtesy of a merchandiser friend, a big fat bag

of buttons!

Sure I, like, you know, like buttons, but I've never really felt that crazy button obsession that seems to plague so many crafters. Sure I enjoy venturing to Button Mania or All Buttons Great and Small every now and then. But, believe it or not, I can walk away having just admired and not purchased - unlike at a wool or fabric shop.

Now though I have my own button shop of sorts at home things have changed a little. I feel a little bit more excited about buttons. I even have some favourite buttons:

And it gives me just the slightest little happy buzz to know that I can go to my very own button shop should the need arise.

I'm willing to share too! So, leave a comment about buttons - anything you like, just do it before next Wednesday 27 August. I'll send one of you a selection of my favourite cards.

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