Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bunny Hunting

Armed with the scrap box and a super easy pattern (found here), these bunnies bred like rabbits just in time for the Easter weekend.

They were so simple it was hard to restrain myself. I made a batch for all the nephews (only nephews here so far) and then I kept going to supply a bunch of toys drops.

After just one evening of sewing, I ended up with 16 bunnies in total, so I handed out a few to family to do their own drops.

The newphews' bunnies were buddied up with a couple of homemade chocolate lollipops and a sensational little ceramic egg decorating kit packaged in egg cartons. The bunnies were a huge hit with the nephews, which was a relief. One was even named lollipop and everyone took them to bed.

The Toy Society bunnies will appear over there during the week.

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