It's true, I did coin the Association of Attention Deficient Crafters*. I even toyed with the thought of making T Shirts...and then I turned my attention to something else. Ahem**.

There's some knitting and sewing and crocheting and cooking and gardening and whatever else tickles my fleeting fancies.

Inspired mostly by my beautiful and very talented Grandma, Sadie. Not so much craft inspiration coming from Papa (Lance) but he was a great gardener and grew amazing corn and seeming-less endless supplies of tomatoes.

My blog is here to remind me of what I get up to. I don't mind if you follow along too.

PS Once upon a time I was the most popular blog in all of blog land*** and then I changed my comment system and lost all my original comments. Boo to having to change comment systems.

* Not an actual incorporated association
** Actually not even an association
*** Not really

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