Saturday, July 19, 2008

The yellow quilt is off the stash!

Yes, yipee, finally the yellow quilt is properly finished and gifted to a little Popstar. At the last minute I remembered to take photos, sorry the lighting was crap so lets pretend it's art blurr, okay?

I did decide as I bundled and wrapped the little quilt up that I would like to stitch in a blue border around the edge of it like I did with Jake's. But too late, not enough minutes before gifting time so it was gifted as-is.

Oh and PS I totally forgot to mention I met this rockin' lady while in the nation's capital. I experienced that weird "I only just met you in person but feel like we're life long friends" thing again. Well we have been blog friends for a long time. Oh and I got to squeeze her cute little paddy cake (scroll down) too! Wee hee.

PPS I can assure you the Smurf's legs are not hairy...yet.

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