Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ready Set Go

I made time in between things last week to make this year's Christmas cards. It was deep satisfaction sitting at the sewing machine and doing some actual craft - it's been a while! The idea is blatantly ripped off from a lovely Pea who in turn ripped it from somewhere else. Bless the internets!

And yesterday an early Christmas present arrived for me.

It was part of the Chutney Club swap. It's from the very lovely Dinny from (the map of) Tassie (sorry I crack myself up).

Jealous? You should be - it really is delicious on cheese sandwiches. And she printed that fabric herself. Shame Auspost couldn't resist stepping on it in transit and bending the lid ever so slightly enough to allow some relish wastage onto the pretty fabric.

I made Chilli Jam for my part of the swap. I'll share the recipe some time cause, really, if I do say so myself it's bloody good.

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