Monday, October 19, 2009

More Hats - and a better way to finish

Yes, yet another hat. Perfect for sipping (baby) cino in the window of your favourite local cafe.

As promised, an explanation of the very simple work around on the "Lazy Day Hat" pattern. The final part of the pattern asks you to unpick the seam in the band to turn the hat right way out. You then hand sew that seam back together. Of course this is perfectly fine, but personally I find the finished seam a bit messy this way - but maybe that's more to do with my hand sewing than the pattern?

Anyway, instead of unpicking the seam, just leave a gap when you attach the brim to the band and turn the hat through the gap. (look Ms Fruiti - pins!)

Then just carefully tuck the raw edges under and top stitch all the way around the seam joining the brim and band, making sure you close the gap.

Are you making hats?

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