Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Christmas Thinkings

I'm making Christmas plans in my head and getting a little excited about things. This year will be the first year the Smurf really gets Christmas. Plus, last year we were in transit and didn't have our stuff, so it feels nice to be thinking about where to hang our christmas decorations.

I'm ahead of myself a little as usually I don't start thinking and doing until the week or two before Christmas Day.

Our supply of homemade decorations has been building over the years, but this year I have plans to boost the supply somewhat. As you can see above, we're well sorted for stockings, so this year homemade plans include:
  • Advent calendar, and lots of fun things to put in for daily discoveries. Do you have any things you put in your calendar that are popular at your place?
  • Soft toy Christmas trees to go on the "mantle"
  • Christmas Cards - a different design this year though, what do you think of a "bauble" sewn on to the card with a big cross through it?
  • An assortment of baked goodness Pudding, cake, biscuits (see gingerbread men below), sweets, neenish tarts, maybe some jam and infused oils
  • Some new red work decorations for the tree - although maybe I'll use green this year? Green work. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it
  • A wreath for the front door
  • A handmade christmas present for the Smurf
  • Oh and a bunch of toys for The Toy Society's World Wide Christmas Drop! I've got some special plans for that one. Have you signed up yet?
OK, now let's see if that keeps me accountable. Oh and did I tell you I'm a sucker for over-filling my to do lists?

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