Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's Hot and What's Not

This is supposed to be a Wednesday thing, but I was doing a whole lot of hot stuff yesterday so here I am now, Thursday night.


Driving up the Blue Mountains (to pick Sadie* up) with the windows down listening to the Bell Birds singing

Sadie coming to stay and hang out with the Smurf for a couple of days. The Smurf has a Great Grandma who can (for at least a short time) sit on the floor and play trains with him. Now, THAT is hot.

Sadie bringing a new, simple knitting pattern for me (and her) to try. Approved! On the to-knit list. See photo above.

Making Sadie's Christmas pudding - with Sadie - and using her original pudding cloth. And this year the Smurf is old enough to have a turn stirring the pud. That's hot too.

Shopping for special treats with Sadie.

The best cold icecream on a warm day.

The first strawberry getting ripe. You can follow the progress on my Flickr!

Craft get togethers.

What's Not
Idiots on the road
That's all I've got for the nots right now.

I started this post this afternoon when we first started creaming the butter and sugar for the pudding. The puddings are hung now. Hope they worked.

* Sadie is my Grandma and, obviously, namesake of this blog

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