Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Under The Pear Tree

I've got plenty of crafty things to post, but there are more important things afoot. We knew when we first rented our little 1950s museum house that it would eventually be knocked down to make way for 34 soul-less townhouses and apartments. The time has come.

Before we move I want to write more about the garden and how important it is to me but for now I am going to write about afternoon tea under the pear tree.

About this time is the perfect time of year for doing pretty much anything (other than sun baking) under the pear tree. It's about 50 years old and enormous. So, when it finally bursts into bloom, after a cold winter, it provides the most glorious shade, perfect for sitting under. It's our favourite spot to go to when we're hanging out in the garden reading, eating, knitting, just sitting, drinking beer, whatever.

So, I invited some of my lovely friends who share my appreciation for my beautiful pear tree and treated them to afternoon tea. A last little hoorah for 'my' beautiful pear tree.

Homemade Neenish Tarts ( a Sadie specialty), Blueberry Honey Cakes, Bourke Street Bakery Pork and Fennel Sausage Rolls (complete with homemade puff pastry - bit excited by that) and (accidentally) Burnt Caramel Custard Puddings. And my lovely friends added scones and mini quiches to the mix.

After a couple of weeks of glorious spring weather, we were defeated by windchill and raindrops so we abandoned the pear tree and retreated inside to my very messy, cramped dining room.

We set up a sheltered workshop, hand sewing for G's kids' school fete. G is the Yoda of school fete crafting. We chatted. We ate the (accidentally) Burnt Caramel Custards. Accidental because I didn't mean to burn the caramel. Lucky I did though. 

All in all a very fitting last hoorah to a beautiful old tree, even if we only sat under it for fifteen minutes.


Suzy said...

Oh no! I am so sad that your beautiful garden & sweet house are going :(
But what a lovely afternoon tea.

Michelle said...

Even if it was only 15 minutes under the pear tree this time, there will be a lifetime of memories of drinks, food and good friends under that same tree.

Great post, B.

Anonymous said...

Very sad. But I bet the tree has loved having your company for the last few years. Hope you find another lovely house and yard to enjoy.

Cass said...

Oh no that is terrible news about the house. I hope you find another sweet home for lovely afternoon teas

sophie said...

What a beautiful spread! I'm so sorry about your home, I hope you find something just as delightful.

Anonymous said...

Oh I miss that garden, but more, I miss the hospitality and vibrant conversation! i have no doubts that will continue in your new abode. xoxo