Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pudding Factory

The whole of Victoria is on fire and I chose this weekend to turn my kitchen into a pudding factory.

Lucky for us the cold change came through and for us city dwellers that thick awful blanket of bushfire smoke has lifted and we can breath again and make pudding.

Starting with the creaming of the butter and sugar - which is made infinitely easier in hot weather cause the butter softens up nice and good.

This is Mama having her turn, we made sure everyone had a stir although Mama buzzed over Sissy and I like we were little 3 year olds who might spill the butter mix on the floor at any moment. Actually it probably wasn't such a bad assumption for her to make ...we did do the creaming from the comfort of the lounge and I (being the lazy sod I am) decided to bring the carton of eggs to the lounge to save the hassle of walking back and forth into the kitchen every time the butter/sugar mix was ready for another egg (there was a whole dozen eggs in the pudding)...hope there's not any sticky sugary egg residue on the couch when you sit on it next time you're visiting.

Anyway onto adding the fruit and bits and pieces. (Don't fret we didn't make the pudding only out of egg, sugar, butter and dried fruit - yuck! I can't be bothered to type all the other stuff)

Before being tightly wrapped in calico and lowered into the pudding factory.

This year was Grandma's recipe...can't wait to taste test it, just (ack) 2 weeks to go!


BrownPants said...

Oooooh, that looks good :)

Sweet Treat said...

Oh man that looks like sweaty work! I bought my pudding it is way too hot! Might be ice cream with soaked dried fruit for us!

Shazmina Bendi said...

Love your Mums dress, the pattern on the fabric is great! I am into frocks at the moment.
I made Xmas cake on weekend, see Dear Kel for details!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm, pudding.

i also picked the hottest day so far to spend 4 hours baking my annual christmas cookies. not too smart but deliciously tasty all the same!