Monday, December 11, 2006

Pudding Factory

All that's left now is the eating!

It was tricky to get a decent shot, I didn't want to distrub the ingenius drying factory (a broom resting across 2 dining chairs) in search of better light, but you get the idea.


Shazmina Bendi said...

Hey they look great. My Mum has just made her pudding and hangs it in her walk in pantry. When you buy a house you should get Mr Sadieandlance to build you a walk in pantry of your own!

Anonymous said...

My new place has a walk in're quite welcome to come down and make your next batch at my place...and maybe leave some behind.

Here's hopin', happy festive season!

Unknown said...

MMMmmmmmm Pudding! I feel like Homer Simpson typing that, but every girl with an ounce of Christmas spirit has got to be tempted by all this pudding talk. Hope you have as much fun eating it as making it.

Anonymous said...

CLOTH PUDDING!! My favourite food in the whole world.