Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Aunty SadieandLance

I'm an Aunty!

To Jett John (seen above in his boxers - ah too cute!), born on April 1st - most people thought it was an April Fool and why wouldn't you if you knew my sister? Poor little thing arrived in just 3.5 hours and was a bruised little blueberry face. He is the first bub for my little sister. He's just devine and I am stoked to be an Aunty.

He was another influence on the return of my mojo. As I mentioned I cut into some fabric lastweek, here's the proof

And then on the weekend I got stuck into it. Arranging strips

Sewed the strips together - excuse me please smurf, get off my sewing!

Then finally the strips were sewn together to make one piece.

Now I need to keep the momentum (hello fellow ADC'ers!) and stay on track for sewing the edge and then put it all together to quilt and bind. I might even end it all by taking a better photo. Now feel free to step in any time cheer squad - I might need some help as I've never properly finished a quilt before.

PS I promised some Smurf action a few posts back. So to prove I'm not completely shit at following through, presenting Pumpkin Face.

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