Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Lottielulu

Dear Lottielulu,

PLEASE DON'T MOVE TO MELBOURNE! That is unless of course we decide to move back too then you're off the hook and we can all move together. You see I only just met you in person today and well you're one swell lady and I really enjoyed sitting across the table eating your lemon slice and gabbing about craft, babies and Melbourne .

Mister Monster and Lottie are just gorgeous and so much fun and the Smurf just loved them too. He's hoping that one day when he's bigger he can sit down together with Mister Monster (as opposed to Mister Monster sitting on the Smurf) and have a cuppa together with their tummies to the table, but of course.

Anyway, what I really meant to say - before I got all stalker like - was it was great to meet you all today, we had a wonderful time in your beautiful warm happy home. Lets do it again sometime soon - that is if you're not too freaked out about this letter.

Love SadieandLance

PS and If you're not Lottielulu and you've read this far, here's a Smurfy reward, Celtic Smurf:

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