Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Some fishermans rib for the Smurf from Great Grandma Sadie.

It was a semi DIY gift as I had to sew the buttons on as it was a bit hard for Grandma to see them but I don't mind. Grandma supervised me closely and gave me some gentle suggestion that the buttons should all face the same way - and they do

...well they do if I twist them all in the same direction! And did you know that there is a boy way to front flaps on cardy's? No, I had no idea either! This one is obviously a boy one as the Smurf is afterall a boy - so left over right for boys and vice versa for the girls.

Here's the Smurf spending some fun time with Great Grandma Sadie

Thanks Grandma we love it and can't wait till it gets a bit chilly so the Smurf can wear it.

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