Sunday, May 04, 2008

Le Sigh

The Good Sighs:

- Chocolate Slice love! Wow, you internets kids sure do love you some choccie slice! The comments and the cross posting and the people making slice. Makes me weep sugar tears.

- Finding my camera cable. The reason I hadn't blogged for so long.

- Making softies for my Smurf

- Making myself a Mothers Day present

- Making progress

- Making presents for a blog meet up.

- Listening to Le Tigre. You know when you haven't listened to a band you love for ages - even though you've loved them for almost a decade and they are on your all time high rotation list? And then your ipod kindly reaquaints you with them and oh the joy. Kathleen I never stopped lovin ya baby!

- Fabric selling Nuns! This bag x2 for 25 bucks.

No joking. Vintage florals, jersey, canvas, cord, cottons, ginghams, stripes, spots you name it I got it. 50 cents a scrap (largest scraps ever), 1 buck a metre. Thankyerverymuch. More about it over here. A small selection of my favs here:

- Beautiful, inspiring women. xoxo

Bad sighs
- Gastro
- Missing blog meet ups due to gastro
- People who cross my pram path at the shopping centre and make no effort to get out of the way.
- Crafty friends not getting paid when they should. Boo.
- Evidence of pests in the weatherboards of perfectly bloody good gorgeous "with potential" house fit for the Sadieandlance family. Double Boo.
- Golden Girls on the telly in the background.
- Blogger farking with my template settings and stuff.

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