Monday, September 01, 2008

Join my Chutney Club!

I'm starting a Chutney Club.

Why? I had Sadie's chutney and melted cheese on toast for lunch today. Boy was it a yummy lunch. It got me thinking about Chutney and how delicious it is, especially the homemade stuff and especially Sadie's homemade stuff (she actually calls hers relish but you know tomato/tomayto etc).

I was also thinking about a friend of mine who has a real life chutney club in Melbourne. She also does Cake Club and other clubby like things (hello, club obsessed?) I was quite jealous of the Chutney Club meets, who wouldn't be happy to come home from a club meet with 6 different flavours of amazing homemade chutney?

I can't harass her for an invite to Chutney Club anymore seeing as I no longer live in Melbourne (still a sore point for me) so damn it I'm starting my own here.

Wanna join my Chutney Club? All you have to do is be willing to make a batch of chutney/relish and send a couple of jars out to some into the world. In return you'll get a couple of jars of different flavours. It's just a one-off thing for now, after all it takes some time to work your way through a jar of chutney.

I'm limiting this to Australia only for the moment - but if you are keen and aren't in Australia leave a comment anyway cause maybe someone else will do the same and you can be buddied up, we'll see anyway.

I'm deciding between chilli jam and Sadie's Tomato Relish. Maybe both? What will you make?

Now, go spread (hee hee) the word about my Chutney Club!

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