Friday, April 30, 2010

Lady Marmalade

I am on a bit of a preserve kick. I'm keen to learn more about the art of making relishes, chutneys etc beyond my experience of chilli jam and tomato relish - as delicious as they are. I've kicked off my adventures with the lovely Sayraphim's Orange Onion Marmalade.

I love blog land; Sayraphim posted her Onion Marmalade recipe just cause I asked nicely. How great is that. And I'm so glad I asked, this stuff is good - savoury and tangy and a little bit sweet all at the same time. I had it on a piece of pan fried pork with roast veggies tonight and it worked a treat.

I used red wine vinegar instead of white and I used what I thought would equate to 10 onions given I had some super large ones on hand. Whatever, I think this is one of those recipes that will just work.

Did I mention I love blog land? A few years ago I made friends with a rocking lady over a swap of chilli jam for pesto. We'd never met properly - you know in real life - we'd only read and commented on each others blogs. We swapped our jars via the post and I now count her as a very good friend. How cool is that.

Now, what jarred goodness do you suggest I try next?

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